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Welcome to the Sam Grierson interviews series, where I talk to change makers who have Dared to Be Different and stand up and speak out. We discuss social change that has occurred over the last 30 years, how language has evolved and is evolving and how we still have more work to do. I am interested to look at the role that the Arts play, to both inspire, provoke, educate and support social change. Actors, Singers, Members of Parliament, Artists, Authors, Activists, and Entrepreneurs who all dare…

Episode 1 - Jane Asher, President of the National Autistic Society, Actor, Author and Entrepreneur

*We discuss terminology around Autism and how our understanding has changed over the last 30 years. As we revisit this journey, we reflect on how much work we all still have to do.

Episode 2 - Em Stroud, Creator, Clown, Podcaster, MC, Author and Entrepreneur. We discuss coming out, clowning, living life to the full, the importance of music and we meet Orange the clown who shows us why we all need to play...

Episode 3 - Horse, a Singer and Songwriter. She has released 9 albums since 1990. She is the patron of Switchboard an LGBT+ helpline, An Ambassador for the Clutha Trust an arts and music charity and an Ambassador for Nordoff Robbins which provides music therapy.

Episode 4 - Polly Shute a multi award winning Inclusion Specialist working with Pride Sports, Women in Sport, Co Founder of Out and About LGBTQIA and was a former Board member of Pride in London.

Episode 5 - Greer Ralston an artist who has won many awards across her distinguished career, including the Greenshields International Scholarship for figurative art and She has exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery.

Episode 6 - Megan Black a Singer and Song Writer, she was a BBC Scotlands 2019 Singer/Songwriter Award nominee and is a self proclaimed “hippy-dippy drag queen” She is due to release her new eight-track album “Deadly is the woman” on 1st April.

Episode 7 - Claire Littley a Singer, Song Writer and Producer, she previously sang the lead vocal on “Fly Me to The Moon”, for the anime series “Neon Genesis Evangelion”, which amassed hundreds of millions of views on Social media.

Episode 8 - Ginny Lunn Entrepreneur and Co Founder of Walking Women and Anne Scholefield, a retired teacher, world traveller and all round adventurer.

Episode 9 - Trudy Howson LGBT Poet Laureate.

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Disclaimer: This podcast is for private non-commercial use and the guests and their views do not necessarily reflect any agency or organisation or company that they work for and by no means represent absolute facts. Opinions expressed by the host and guests can change at any time. Listeners acknowledge that they are not being provided professional advice from this podcast or the guests.

Trigger Warning: This podcast episode may, at times, cover sensitive topics including but not limited to Autism Diagnosis, treatment, Neurodivergent terminology, historical treatment for autism, mental health issue, LGBT+ Coming out, LGBT+ themes, Hate Crime, Homophobias. You are advised to refrain from listening if you are likely to be offended or adversely impacted by any of these topics.