Part one

Weeks after my world fell apart, in you walked. Your bright flashing eyes and a smile that would stop me in my tracks. You. You found me, with the luck of a small vessel being tossed by cruel waves, suddenly identified by the rescue beam of a lighthouse, into my life you came.

It's not always obvious to you at the time, that your life is changing track, as the hurtling engine clicks over onto an unexpected points change - destination unknown. But I knew. I knew by the touch of your hand, that had still to make its way into my three dimensional reality. I knew by the sound of your smile, that had yet to be heard. I knew that I would love you and that you would be loved.

Your messages, I would pull over my car, to catch my breath. I would write to you in my head and that feeling, that bright spirit I sent you, had already landed. I would say "You know..." and you would nod. For you knew. You knew me already.

How quickly the hour turned from one to four and later ten. How each hour couldn't possibly be an hour, for we travelled a lifetime, you and I. How fast our minds darted through tunnels and up slippery paths and across streams and rivers but to always return to our beginning.

Of course normal life had to resume, to tear us from our burgeoning love. The work, the journeys, the inane conversations that littered the days, but always on the horizon was you. It got me through my daily wasteland, it gave me light where once only shadows kept me pinned. And then we met...

Ten days of talking, sharing, sleeping, laughing - always you - and then it happened. I burst through your door and as the dust settled I bent down and held you. I held you so tight, as though my life depended upon that embrace. I breathed you in and my mind exploded with your physicality. We sat holding hands with fingers tracing over soft skin, bones and life lines travelled.

We talked and I glanced shyly through my fast falling fringe. You are beautiful. More beautiful than I could possibly imagine. Your blue eyes, captivating as the light catches them and the sparks dance when you smile. I plunged deeper.

Our foreheads touch, as our internal gravity compels we connect. Your nose touches mine and I freefall... the electricity that jolts my sleeping heart awake also ignites my desire and now I'm burning up. Our lips find each other and I'm taken out of my body and sent hurtling through the stratosphere, I have no clue where I will land. I fly at such velocity that my heart can not keep up. I shakily take you to my chest. I want you more than I have ever wanted anyone in my life. I am so in love with you. I am all love for you. I am love.

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