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A Short Film by Sam Grierson

>The Programme

“The Programme” is a film about who we are and our understanding of neurodivergence and the idea of seeking a “typical existence”. Michelle Jeram plays the non binary lead character of Drum - “Subject 3756A/b1” who has been chosen out of 4.3 million profiles to be interviewed by ‘The Programme’, - an organisation of emotional intelligence robots, on the subject of loneliness.


> Throughout the film, Drum,an ex police officer, delves deeper into their world, and we are reminded of our connections and perception of belonging, choice and identity within an increasingly disconnected world. As we learn more about the research of ‘The Programme’ we question our current reality and what could so easily be our historical artificial future… 

> Log Line - "A non binary and neurodivergent ex cop is interviewed ruthlessly about loneliness and grief by 'The Programe", an artificial emotional intelligence organisation, to teach its 'robots' how to feel.

>Tag Line -  They are here to learn your emotions... whatever it takes...

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> Meet the Team

Photo Credits: Andrew Simpson

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> The making of "The Programme"

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